Our Guide to Choosing the Best Pool Basketball Hoop

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Pool Basketball Hoop

Who says spending time with the family at home is boring? When you have a swimming pool basketball hoop, you and your kids can stay active and create unforgettable memories simultaneously!

To ensure that you and your family will have a fantastic time playing basketball in the pool, you have to choose the right basketball hoop! Just read through our guide below to find out what kind of questions you should ask yourself while looking for a pool basketball hoop.

Where Are You Going to Place It?

Before beginning your basketball hoop hunt, you consider where you’ll put it first. Of course, the hoop should be by the pool, but where exactly will you place it? Your pool basketball hoop needs to be placed in a flat, paved area so it won’t fall off in the middle of your poolside basketball game and ruin the fun.

Moreover, the basketball hoop will be placed near the pool, so it should be suitable for water activities. When browsing through different options, it’s essential to keep the location in mind—making the mistake of purchasing a  wall-mounted basketball goal is costly!

How Pliable is the Hoop?

With a pliable pool basketball hoop, your water sports activity can become enjoyable and unforgettable! Basketball hoops made for the swimming pool are meant to be flexible, but they should still be sturdy and stable. 

It would be fun for your kids to watch the net of the basketball hoop dangle after shooting a ball through it, but the pool basketball hoop you choose must also be able to withstand dunks and hanging from the ring when things get heated up and competitive.

Is It Easy to Move Around?

When choosing an outdoor basketball goal, especially poolside hoops, portability is the most crucial factor to consider. The wrong basketball hoop can get into people’s way and cause collisions, especially when it’s placed by the pool.

To prevent any accidents, we recommend buying a portable basketball hoop so that you can make room for a party or keep it in a safe place when winter comes. Portable basketball goals are pretty different from outdoor basketball goals, as they usually have wheels to accommodate your game.

Can It Withstand Different Weather, Rust, and Wear and Tear?

Since the basketball hoop will get wet often, you should make sure that it’s waterproof. These basketball hoops will come in contact with lots of water, so they have to be resistant to chlorine and liquid so that they won’t look dated and unappealing.

Even if your pool isn’t filled with saltwater, you should still put great importance on the quality of your basketball hoop. The best pool basketball hoop has to be waterproofed and is made with tough materials so that you and your family can use it for the years to come, rain or shine.

Does It Fit the Budget?

basketball inside a net hanging near the pool

The budget is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a pool basketball hoop, as it can be very easy to go above your set price limit. 

Pool basketball hoops tend to be expensive, but many available alternatives are manufactured with quality materials but are still priced reasonably, such as our First Team Hydrochamp Poolside Basketball Goal.


Pools aren’t just for swimming—when you have the right pool basketball hoop, you can turn those dull summer days into exciting water-filled afternoons! Make sure to buy your pool basketball hoop from a trusted supplier so that your family can have as much basketball fun as they want.

Are you looking for a pool basketball hoop for your home? Then, you’ve come to the right place! We at Quality Hoops have a collection of pool basketball hoops, gym basketball hoops, and other basketball equipment that you may need. Shop our pool basketball hoops today!

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