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4 Tips to Properly Maintain a Basketball Hoop Base

For many people, ball is definitely life! Many are enthusiastic about basketball as much as their other daily activities, and they are willing to play in any type of venue just to show off their moves. If you happen to be one of them, you likely have your own basketball hoop at home. There are usually specialized basketball hoops that have hollow bases. 

The empty space would then be filled with water to stabilize the whole hoop, preventing it from leaning in any direction or completely collapsing each time you shoot hoops. That said, it is important to remember that the hoop base requires regular maintenance to preserve its overall structure. 

While it may not be as formidable as your professional league basketball hoop, it will still be useful enough to last you a lifetime if you’re willing to exert time and effort in maintaining it. Here are simple tips to consider:

Check the Base for Any Holes or Leaks

Sometimes, the game may get too rough and you may land or strike the main base of the hoop by mistake. Check if there are any holes or damage on the surface. A hole enables water from the base to escape, compromising the stability of the base itself. Patch up the holes and look out for any further damages that may cause leaks.

Remember to Use Anti-freeze Gel with Water During Winter Season

If you’re planning to play in a cooler climate, make sure to mix anti-freeze gel with the water inside the base. The cold climate may freeze the liquid inside the base, which could serve as an underlying risk to its durability. If your basketball hoop base is made of polyethylene plastic, however, you wouldn’t have to worry since their material prevents the water inside from freezing.

Utilize Bleaching Agents with the Water Mixture

There are times in which algae may grow out of stagnant water. Be sure to mix bleaching agents with the water in the base to prevent the occurrence of algae. They may seem harmless at first glance, but they can end up affecting the durability of the base—make sure to prevent or get rid of them before the base suffers from damage. 

Replace the Water Regularly

As previously mentioned, algae may form over time within stagnant water. Be sure to replace the water from your base from time to time in order to prevent their growth. Draining your hoop base should be done with caution to avoid damaging it. You may either take out the stopper or remove the pole, plastic plugs, and braces, after which you may tip it over and wait until it empties out.


Basketball hoop bases are a must-have if you are an avid fan of the game. The amount of quality time you can have during the weekend would also be a perfect reason to get some exercise and spend time with your loved ones. That said, make sure to take good care of your basketball hoop base—replace its water regularly, mix it with anti-freeze and bleach, and check its overall surface. You not only lengthen its lifespan, but you also take good care of your investment.

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