Wall Mounted Basketball Goal

Indoor Wall Basketball Hoops for Sale

When choosing indoor wall basketball hoops for your indoor gym, it is important to find one that will have the quality and sturdy mounting that you need. One of the best ways to achieve this is through an indoor wall mounted basketball hoop. These wall mounted hoops have a few excellent advantages:

Less Space Needed

Mounting a professional-grade wall mounted basketball net on the wall means that you have more space for play in a gym that needs to utilize all the space available in the game. Whether you are a gym owner or a coach, this can be an important space consideration and these basketball hoops will help you maximize your space for game play.

Adjustability Built-In

These indoor wall basketball hoops allow you to adjust the height of the basketball hoop with ease and without compromising the strength of the hoop. Having a solid mounting system and sturdy mechanism for adjusting heights helps these basketball hoops stand out.

Brands Known for Quality and Durability

Having a sturdy mount for indoor wall basketball hoops translates into a long-lasting and durable hoop. Vibrations from baskets being scored are channeled directly into the wall, minimizing damaging movement. The brands carried by Quality Hoops are known for using the highest quality materials to keep your wall mounted basketball net in great condition for years to come. Investing in the best protects your players and gives your gym a reputation for investing in the best.

All these reasons point toward a wall mounted hoop and net set for your basketball needs. Choosing adjustability, durability, and space savings will help you reap dividends on the court and build your gym’s reputation as your basketball-playing members appreciate the quality of the equipment provided. Browse the options for size, shape, and style in our basketball hoop selection. Contact us today to discuss your facility’s indoor wall basketball hoop needs!

Wall Mounts

Quality Hoops proudly carries First Team and Gared wall-mounted backboards. Pricing will vary, but we most often suggest, and sell, fold-up wall mounts such as the Gared Sports Four Point with glass backstop standard and other backstop choices available. Height adjustment is also available on a wall mount. Units are to be attached to 2″ x 7.25″ clear coated wood pads with 5/0 chain fastened to the front of the unit. Folding the unit up when not in use, helps protect the unit long-term, and moves it out of the way when another use of the gym is required.