Basketball Goal Accessories and Equipment

For your school gym or fitness club gym needs, it’s essential to have the best basketball hoops for players to get the most out of their practice sessions and games. You need reliable basketball equipment you can trust, but you need more than just the hoops themselves. That is why Quality Hoops has all the basketball goal accessories you need to equip your space, so it is ready for the game.

At Quality Hoops, we have a wide selection of basketball equipment for sale to customize your space to suit your needs. We understand not all basketball courts are one-size-fits-all, so our customers look to us for accessories to make their basketball courts satisfy their targeted audience. Here are just a few of the basketball goal accessories we have available for your team or clients to use:


In some spaces, it isn’t possible to wall-mount a hoop, so you need to mount the hoop on a post. We offer HydroPosts that bolt to the floor for stability. We carry brands you can trust, like First Team, seen in gyms all over the country.


Whatever aesthetic and durability you need for your basketball court, Quality Hoops offers the nets you need. From economy chain nets for playgrounds to heavy-duty competition nets, check out our variety below.


Depending on the mount set-up of your goals, you might be in the market for extension arms. These allow you to use a wall-mount or ceiling-mount set-up and make sure the goal is at the appropriate location to follow regulations or be suitable for your targeted age group.


If you need padding for the base or pole of your basketball hoops to make sure they are safe for those who play around them, we have a variety of padding available.

We carry all these basketball goal accessories and more! Please peruse our selection of accessories below or contact us if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for to make your basketball court a great one.