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      Quality Hoops helps keep players safe with our full range of basketball hoop pads, basketball pole padding, and more. Having basketball post padding and other types of insulation helps protect players from running into hazards such as sharp corners and hard surfaces. 

      We’re committed to player safety, and all our equipment is designed to withstand even the most intense levels of play and prevent injuries. You can be sure our safety equipment will offer the highest levels of protection.

      Customize Your Padding With Quality Hoops

      Quality Hoops also allows you to create a custom basketball pole pad. You can customize padding to match your team’s colors and have your name or slogan printed on it.

      We can help you find a basketball goal post pad and more in various colors and sizes to fit your space. Our basketball goal post padding and other options are made of soft, durable materials to withstand heavy levels of activity.

      Get Durable Backboards Here

      We're also the best place to turn if you’re looking for a perfectly sized backboard to match our basketball backboard padding. A new scoreboard can enhance your gym even further if you’re already upgrading your gym. Here’s some information about why schools should consider renovating their basketball gyms.

      Check out our product listings above to view our comprehensive inventory of basketball hoop padding and compare styles and sizes for your equipment!