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      We Carry the Best in Indoor Basketball Goal Systems

      Basketball is becoming more prevalent in indoor arenas, such as recreation centers, schools, and community gyms. Schools and community districts continue to include indoor gym facilities in their upcoming plans and designs, and as important as the building design itself, so is the equipment. 

      At Quality Hoops, we offer the best in hoops, goals, backboards, and complete indoor basketball goals, including portable indoor basketball hoops, wall mounts, and ceiling mounts. Whether you’re in it for casual play or some serious games, we’ve got the indoor hoop systems you need.

      Wall Mounts

      Quality Hoops proudly carries First Team and Gared indoor wall-mounted hoops. Pricing will vary, but we often suggest and sell fold-up wall mounts such as the Gared Sports Four Point with glass backstop standard and other available backstop choices.

      Height adjustment of our indoor basketball hoop systems is also available on a wall mount. These gym basketball goals are to be attached to 2" x 7.25" clear-coated wood pads with a 5/0 chain fastened to the front of the unit. Folding the unit up when not needed helps protect the unit long-term and moves it out of the way when another use of the gym is required.

      Ceiling Mounts

      Ceiling-mounted systems for inside basketball hoops can provide more freedom of placement location, although you will need the obvious truss or support for mounting. As with other choices, a height adjustment is available to meet various regulation heights. The more complex gyms, or the more the gym varies in usage, make this choice better over wall mounts for gym basketball goals. Backstops on ceiling mounts are generally single-post designed, and choices in backstop materials are available.

      Portable Units

      Gared builds outstanding portable indoor basketball goals. The Pro-S series of portable indoor basketball hoops is NCAA and NFHS-approved. The 9618 model is also FIBA approved for International Level I play. The 8" x 2" wide casters provide ease of movement, and the frame is made of a single heavy-duty unitized steel. Playing height is adjustable, and the unit(s) can be moved completely off the floor or out of the gym when the gym is desired for other uses.

      When looking for indoor mounted basketball hoops and systems for sale, feel free to call the Quality Hoops experts. While we enjoy other sports, basketball is the focus of our business. Whether building a new facility or updating an older one, we can help find the best fit for your indoor mounted basketball hoops, offering the newest systems available. And, if you just need help in support of older indoor basketball goals, we can do that, too!