Fixed-Height Basketball Hoops and Goals

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      Fixed-Height Basketball Hoops

      Quality Hoops’ range of fixed-height basketball goals or hoops is perfect for heavy play where adjustable goals are unnecessary. Their rigid construction and lack of moving parts mean they can stand up to the most serious competition.

      We have a wide selection of fixed-height basketball hoops, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and in-ground options. Choose a fixed-height basketball goal for your gym, rec center, playground, or backyard where teens and adults play. Our fixed-height basketball system is robust enough to withstand intense weather and the elements when installed outdoors.

      A Variety of Choices For You

      Whether you’re looking for an in-ground fixed-height basketball hoop or an indoor basketball goal, we have what you need. Our assortment of products includes backboards in various sizes, shapes, and materials. These include tempered glass and fiberglass. The rims are made to withstand constant use and intense play, allowing players to hang off them to punctuate a particularly earth-shaking dunk without bending or damaging them.

      Why Choose a Fixed-Height Basketball Goal?

      Because they emphasize stability and strength rather than adjustability, fixed-height hoops are perfect for environments where the level of play is elevated. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, a fixed-height basketball goal provides many years of enjoyment without needing replacement or adjustment. Without moving parts like those found in adjustable goals, this type of basketball goal requires very little maintenance.

      Quality Hoops is your complete resource for whatever you need to create the ideal basketball court. Our expertise and knowledge of these products mean we can help you find what you want. If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, follow the links to see our complete inventory of in-ground, wall-mounted, and adjustable goal systems.