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Everything You Need to Know about Hoop Nets

Basketball is a sport that’s enjoyed by many people regardless of age. However, those who enjoy basketball often forget the intricacies that come with the sport. One such detail is the hoop net. If there’s no hoop net, it sometimes gives a wrong impression on people.

The absence of a hoop net can sometimes leave you wondering if a shot makes it or misses. Additionally, there’s also the matter of chasing after your ball, which would happen in the first place if there’s a net hoop. Hoop nets are a necessary tool that should be used when playing basketball, but there's also more to hoop nets than just being put on the hoop’s rim.

What’s there to know more about hoop nets? In this article, we’ll shed light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn more.

Types of Hoop Nets

There is no single type of hoop net, and some are used only in specific situations. Here are some of the most common types:

#1: Official NBA Net

Since the NBA is a prominent basketball organization, it makes sense that it will have its standards. For their hoop nets, they use one that’s made from polyester and polypropylene.

The net itself is durable, and the polypropylene gives it an anti-whip feature. Aside from the NBA, this net is also often used in high school and college-level basketball.

#2: Chain Nets

Chain nets, as the name implies, are actual metal chains that are fashioned as hoop nets. These are best used in outdoor basketball courts because they’re incredibly durable. However, chain nets are at a disadvantage because they can rust over time, especially in rainy weather.

For this reason, the best chain nets to use are those that are coated with zinc. The zinc coating is what protects it from oxidation and rust.

#3: Nylon & Polyester Nets

Nylon and polyester nets are the most common hoop nets. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor basketball, and they still offer durability. However, nylon and polyester hoop nets are not recommended to be used with outdoor hoops.

In general, nylon and polyester nets offer quality and durability at an affordable price.

#4: Glow in the Dark Nets

Glow in the dark nets are something that became popular recently. They are used in outdoor courts because it provides an opportunity to play basketball at night. These nets are made from heavy-duty nylon as well. 

The Qualities of a Good Hoop Net

If you’re looking to get a hoop net of your own, there are several factors to consider, all shared below:

#1: Quality

The quality of hoop nets depends on what it’s made out of. The cheapest nets are made from nylon, and if it’s used often, you will be changing it frequently as well.

Heavy-duty nylon is thicker and more durable. For this reason, the official NBA net is also used. The NBA net is more durable despite it being thinner.

#2: Durability

This applies more to hoop nets that will be used outdoors. Since weather conditions change often, your hoop net must be able to withstand it. The best hoop nets to use outdoors are chain nets, but you can also choose other nets.

#3: Size

Not all things are created equal, and that applies even to hoop nets. Some are bigger, while others are smaller. Keep in mind that your hoop net must be anywhere from 15 to 21 inches wide so that the ball can pass through when making a shot.


When getting a hoop net of your own, certain factors like its quality, durability, and size need to be considered. Additionally, specific types of hoop nets can be used depending on where you’re playing basketball. The bottom line is that you should get a hoop net that best suits your needs.

Hoop nets are attached to rims. The presence of a hoop net is significant in the game because it can determine whether or not a shot is made. If you’re looking for basketball rims, you’re in luck because Quality Hoops has got your back! We also offer other products such as backboards and other basketball equipment. Order yours today!

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