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3 Factors to Consider for the Best At-Home Basketball Experience

When we see basketball in the mainstream media, we generally see some people playing a round of matches on their driveway with friends. This usually happens with a hoop attached to a wall somewhere. Though that may be the quintessential depiction of basketball at home, the truth of the matter is that a lot of people do play basketball on their driveways. 

Whether it is with friends, family, or by themselves, the convenience of simply going outside to shoot some hoops is next to unbeatable. Fortunately, this at-home experience doesn't have to be plagued with low-quality hoops that seem to break after every shot. 

There are plenty of ways to create an excellent basketball experience right at home, and here are some factors to consider to ensure you get it right:

  1. The Space in Your Driveway

One of the first factors you have to consider when setting up a hoop in your driveway is to check out the space you have. Generally, around twenty feet of space should be enough where you can install a hoop with enough overhang (the space from the pole to the backboard). This ensures that you do not accidentally run into the pole. Ideally, the overhang distance should be around four feet. 

If there isn't enough space for overhang and the area to play basketball, we highly recommend investing in padding for the pole. Should someone run into the pole, the chances of obtaining injuries remain limited.

  1. The Direction of the Sun

Another thing you must consider when setting up the hoop is the direction of the sun. Pay attention to where the sun rises and sets, and take this into account relative to the time you play in the driveway. 

This way, make sure that the sun doesn't get into your eyes and interfere with the basketball experience. If sunlight remains to be a problem, you can invest in portable hoops that allow you to move the hoop around for the best experience.

  1. Your Choice of Hoop

An essential factor to consider is the type of hoop you pick. Keep in mind that not all hoops are created equal, as some are designed for specific needs and purposes. A portable hoop, for instance, allows you to move the hoop around at the expense of a much shorter overhang. An in-ground hoop, on the other hand, allows you to set up the pole straight into the ground, offering fantastic stability and a much longer overhang.

Golden tip: Regardless of what you pick, do try and invest in something that costs a little more. This is because pricier hoops are made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. 


When purchasing quality hoops, remember that it isn't enough to look for a hoop you simply feel will fit the driveway. Planning is a must, which should include taking the space you have and the kind of hoop needed into account. Doing so ensures that the investment is worth it and, at the same time, the right one for the ultimate driveway basketball experience.

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