Look around at your gym. Is the equipment still up-to-date? Are any components in need of replacement, repair, or upgrade?


All equipment undergoes wear and tear, and gym equipment is no different. Schools, playgrounds, and private facilities alike should prioritize quality equipment that lasts. After all, playing inside a gym with great equipment not only allows participants to engage in their sport more comfortably but also improves the quality of each game. Purchasing good equipment also ensures that your investment lasts longer and serves its users well.


Since basketball hoops are often considered the highlight and the center point of most gyms, they should be of high quality and well-mounted. But how should you choose the right hoops for your gym?


Backboards and basketball hoops are typically available in a few types, including portable, mounted to the wall, and mounted to the ceiling. Most people find themselves choosing between the first two: portable and mounted. In this article, we’ll be discussing what to consider when choosing between these two hoops.


Choosing a Fixed Hoop


Wall-mounted basketball hoops are ideal for indoor gyms. They can be secured to walls and replaced as needed. Given that the wall essentially serves as the support, these hoops are strong, durable, and difficult to break.


Fixed hoops are installed in the wall of both ends of the court. Since they only consist of hoops, nets, and backboards, these are available for relatively affordable prices. These types of hoops are not removable or height-adjustable, but they can be installed anywhere from 8 to 10 ft up the wall. Some can even be folded out based on the preferred placement. Installing a wall-mounted backboard can be a tedious process, but once placed successfully, you’ll have easy access and convenience. Not only that, but they can also be available at various setback distances.


Wall-mounted basketball hoops are made from corrosion-resistant materials, meaning that they are exceptionally durable and excellent for frequent use.


Choosing a Portable Hoop


If you don’t have the budget or the setup for wall-mounted hoops, there’s no need to worry. Portable hoops are your answer!


Portable hoops are versatile and affordable, as well as easy to set up. There’s essentially no installation needed and they can be moved around with ease.


Portable basketball hoops can be adjusted for various heights; thus, they can cater to athletes of all ages. If your facility serves both kids and adults, portable hoops are a great option because they can just be adjusted as needed. Many also come with portable backboards that can be adjusted to extend outwards.


Facilities with limited floor space that need to cater to multiple sports in one place can also benefit from portable hoops. If a futsal game is to follow, just move the portable hoops away to a storage area while the team warms up! Versatile is the name of the game when it comes to these hoops.




Bouncing the ball on a sidewalk is no replacement for playing on a real court. If you want to improve the facilities in your gym, pay special attention to the type of basketball hoops you invest in. Fixed wall-mounted hoops and their portable counterparts both have their advantages, and the final decision will depend on your needs. No matter what you choose though, keep quality, materials, and affordability in mind.


Quality Hoops is here to provide top-notch basketball hoops! We are dedicated to working with and learning about sports equipment. We help schools, local churches, and youth programs get the sports equipment they need. Let us assist you in installing your outdoor basketball goal today!


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