5 Great Reasons to Build an Outdoor Basketball Court

5 Great Reasons to Build an Outdoor Basketball Court

In this day and age, almost everything can be found on a screen. From online food orders to fun games, many people do not find the need to spend time outdoors anymore. However, there is a certain appeal to outdoor activities that indoor entertainment cannot beat.


For many of us, outdoor sports like basketball were a huge part of our childhoods. If you have ever played basketball with your friends in an outdoor court, you have treasured memories that no amount of shiny technology will be able to take away from you. If you have been thinking about it for a long time, this article may be the sign you have been waiting for to build that outdoor basketball court in your backyard!


5 Great Reasons to Build an Outdoor Basketball Court


1 - To Have a Personal Fitness Club


You will no longer need to run or enroll in a fitness club to stay fit and healthy. Your backyard basketball court will be your ticket to fun and fitness. Playing fun one on one games with your friends and family members will be a great way to burn off calories and have fun at the same time!


2 - To Sharpen Your Critical Thinking Skills


As your family gets better at the game, you will need to make better plays to be able to win. All of you will be able to use critical thinking skills to beat each other at basketball games. Whoever said that playing this sport is only physical?


3 - To Encourage Your Children to Spend Time Outdoors


In this day and age, it may be increasingly difficult to find ways to encourage your children to play and spend time outdoors. The great thing about it is that you will probably not need to say anything to them to make them go outside. Just show them how fun the sport is and they will be eager to follow.


4 - To Strengthen Relationships


Your family will have wonderful bonding moments on your backyard basketball court. Even if nobody in your family will go on to play the sport professionally, you and your family will have strengthened relationships as a result of playing together on your backyard court.


5 - To Increase the Value of Your Home


If you are looking to sell your home later on, having a basketball court on your property will increase the market value of your home significantly. It will also add aesthetic value and will appeal to many families who would also be looking for a way to bond together using sports and outdoor activities and play. If you sell your home, having a basketball court will allow you to raise your asking price a little more.




Playing sports is a fun way to keep active and bond with your family. Having an outdoor court will allow you to spend quality time with the important people in your life doing an activity that does not involve a screen or blue light. This is a welcome change from the other family activities you may have tried to do with your family in the past.


If you are ready to build your backyard basketball court, Quality Hoops can help you! We have devoted years to working with and learning about sports equipment. It began with a love of basketball and later expanded to a range of recreational sports. We found that local organizations often needed guidance when it came to finding quality equipment for their neighborhood sports leagues, schools, and playgrounds. We started helping local churches, schools and youth programs get the equipment they needed. Let us help you install your outdoor basketball goaltoday!

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