Top Basketball Coaching Tips Blogs

Top Basketball Coaching Tips Blogs

Whether you’re leading a youth team or a university basketball team, coaching a basketball team is a heavy responsibility. Besides teaching the basics of the game, you also need to teach players how to have a positive attitude, develop team dynamics, and set a strong example.

Even coaches need to have their own mentors. There are plenty of blogs online from diverse coaches that can give you the best tips on how to lead your team.

Here’s our roundup of the best basketball coaching tips blogs you should check:


Basketball HQ

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Basketball HQ is an online platform dedicated to providing expert basketball training resources.

It offers 850+ training videos covering various basketball skills suitable for all levels. With its Pro Membership Plan, subscribers can access all its content and personal workout plans through its app.

The site features content filmed with coaches from professional and collegiate levels, making it an invaluable resource for players, coaches, trainers, and parents alike who want to enhance their basketball skills and in-game IQ.

“Basketball HQ is a one-stop shop for coaches at all levels. Their combination of articles, drills, workouts, plays, and videos is a great way for coaches to expand their knowledge of the game!” – Ben Thomspon, Head Coach, Emory & Henry College



Basketball For Coaches

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Basketball For Coaches is a comprehensive resource for basketball coaches at all levels. The site was founded by Trevor McLean, whose experiences as a player, youth basketball coach, and overall lover of all things basketball guide his teachings.

The site offers extensive drills, plays, and coaching tips to improve team performance and player development.

The blogs focus on both the tactical and philosophical aspects of coaching. There’s plenty of essential advice on your coaching journey, especially for youth basketball coaches.


Online Basketball Drills

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Online Basketball Drills is a go-to resource containing drills for shooting, dribbling, passing, and more that are all free for your research. Besides free-access blogs, the site gives access to premium content with a massive library of eBooks and video content on drills and plays you can practice.


You can also check out its main site, eBasketballCoach, for samples of basketball drills, plays, and other technical resources. Other players are more inclined to be visual learners, so you can benefit from the site’s basketball drills, designed as easy-to-follow posters with clear instructions and examples.

“I have watched the video tutorials, and they are very well done. They help me remember many techniques to get the most out of my players. I will give you more insight after our practices begin.”— Mark Bailey, Head Coach



Coaching Toolbox

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The Coaching Toolbox is a top resource for basketball coaches, offering a broad spectrum of coaching tools. It covers basketball plays, workouts, practice ideas, inspirational quotes, drills, and products, aiming to enhance both basketball knowledge and in-game impact.

The Coaching Toolbox’s blog emphasizes the importance of mental and physical toughness, skills and schemes, and program culture to develop the best coaching guides. It's an excellent hub for coaches at all levels seeking to elevate their game with insightful tips and strategies.


Coach's Clipboard

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Coach's Clipboard is a digital encyclopedia of tips, drills, and tricks that has been online since 2001. It’s dedicated to helping coaches and players improve their game with its vast library of basketball knowledge, covering drills, coaching strategies, and player development tips.

You can sign up for their newsletter to learn about topics related to the game, such as basketball coaching 101 or how to prepare for a new season.

They also feature the Coach Clipboard Premium Membership, which provides access to a comprehensive downloadable playbook that can help you develop better strategies for your team. It contains coaching and player tips, animated diagrams, PDFs for print-outs, and more.

"I have really enjoyed your website!! As a former NBA coach, I wanted to compliment you have done a great job." —Eric P Musselman, Former NBA Coach



Hoop Coach

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Hoop Coach has plenty of resources to help you design plays. If you want to amp up your drills or immerse yourself in research with insightful articles, this site's got it all.

Its blog is a goldmine for students of the game, offering animated plays, training videos, and even practice plan templates for your purposes.

They also have an active job board containing links to basketball coaching jobs from the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and high school openings.

Basketball Immersion

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Basketball Immersion is spearheaded by Chris Oliver, a consultant for several NCAA D1 programs. His experience as a consultant and head coach translates to the curated online coaching education resources on the site.

The site contains various blogs that cover valuable insights for veteran and new coaches, from game-winning plays to player development techniques. If you sign up as a member, you’ll gain access to over 700+ videos and 25+ courses and masterclasses on all things basketball.

You can also contact them to help you run a 2-day basketball camp for you and your players.


Teach Hoops

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Founded on the extensive experience of Hall of Fame Coach Steve Collins, Teach Hoops offers a treasure trove of resources for coaches. Coaches can access one-on-one consultations, a vast library of instructional videos, monthly lessons, thousands of practice plans, and a vibrant coaching community.

You can also access their social media pages and consult their coaching community to refine your playbook or just connect with fellow coaches. Teach Hoops provides a structured pathway to enhance your coaching intuition both on and off the court.



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HoopsBeast is an excellent site for basketball lovers. It contains blogs on everything, from the game's history and rules to playing tips.

It's independent and reader-supported, making it a community-runsource for hoops aficionados seeking to elevate their game.

Whether you're into the nitty-gritty of EuroLeague coaching strategies, curious about NBA mascots' salaries, or looking to max out your vertical jump, this site has something for you. Besides tips on playing on the court, the site also offers great insights on the best basketball gear.

💡Tip: Regular use of a skipping rope can lead to quicker, more agile foot movements. In basketball, efficient footwork is crucial for defensive maneuvers, driving to the basket, and maintaining balance while shooting.



Men's Basketball Hoopscoop

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Men's Basketball Hoopscoop contains a wealth of information, including plays, drills, coaching notes, and e-learning materials. The site is designed to assist coaches by providing insightful strategies for various offenses and defenses, skill development techniques, and practice drills.

It features contributions from several knowledgeable basketball coaches and aims to help other coaches succeed against all types of opponents.


Breakthrough Basketball

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Breakthrough Basketball was founded by brothers Joe and Jeff and their father, Dennis, to provide a comprehensive suite of resources for basketball enthusiasts. In addition to the site’s online resources, the trio has run over 400 basketball camps across the United States.

The site offers different coaching solutions to help your team. The site includes access to multi-day basketball camps across the U.S., eBooks, training DVDs, and more.

Whether you're a seasoned coach or a player looking to sharpen your skills, this site's got something valuable for you.


Champs Hoops

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Coaching basketball goes beyond the technical approach to the game. It also requires deep mental strategic preparation, especially for young players.


Champs Hoops contains training aids, drills, strategies, and insights into the mental approach of the game. Their content ranges from fundamental skills to advanced playing strategies, making it a go-to resource for coaches who want to train well-rounded players.

Practice Tip: Practice makes perfect, so make sure your players make a habit of undergoing warm-ups and drills to build muscle memory.



The Hoops Geek

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The Hoops Geek offers more than blogs containing basketball coaching tips. It also offers various coaching tools that can help you be a better mentor on and off the court.

They've got a special focus on coaching tools, offering browser apps like the Play Creator and resources for planning rotations and ensuring equal playing time. The Hoops Geek also has gear reviews to help you stay updated on the latest innovations in sports tech.


Bashabears Basketball


Like other sports, mastering basketball is about learning the rich culture of its history and present-day innovations. Bashabears Basketball contains an archive of news, tips, and in-depth analysis on NBA teams and the broader basketball world.

The site provides unique insights and thoughtful commentary on basketball-related topics, from iconic players to strategic coaching advice. It's a fantastic resource for coaches, players, and fans aiming to elevate their understanding and appreciation of the game.




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SLAM is widely recognized as an influential basketball magazine and online platform that has been celebrating the game of basketball since its inception in 1994. It's known for its dynamic blend of in-depth sports journalism, vivid photography, and an insider's perspective on the ins and outs surrounding the game.

From a basketball coach's perspective, SLAM is an archive of information covering the basketball world's varied intricacies. The site has everything from high school prodigies making their first waves in the sport to seasoned professionals sharing their career experiences.


Peak Performance Sports

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Developing skills to help your players win matches goes beyond physical drills and exercises. Peak Performance Sports specializes in helping athletes, coaches, and sports parents enhance their mental game to boost sports performance and consistency.


They offer mental performance coaching, mental toughness seminars, and audio programs spearheaded by Dr. Patrick Cohn. The mental game strategies they teach can be invaluable for basketball coaches and other sports coaches aiming for peak performance.

💡Fact: Besides having a winning mindset, managing the mental health of athletes also minimizes the risk of incurring injuries or making mistakes.



Basketball Insiders

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Basketball Insiders is focused on all things basketball, from the latest NBA news and draft rumors to help you stay competitively updated in the scene. It provides a wealth of resources for fans, including game analyses, team standings, player performance stats, and draft insights.

The information on this site could help coaches find examples and counterexamples of in-game strategies. By studying the analysis of team and player performance discussions, you’ll have a stronger grasp of the game’s mechanics.


Swish Appeal

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Swish Appeal focuses on news surrounding women's basketball, covering various levels of the sport, including the WNBA, college basketball, and more. It's part of the SB Nation network, offering in-depth analysis, news, and opinions across various topics.

While Swish Appeal specifically covers women's basketball, its content varies from game recaps to player profiles, which can be valuable references for coaching insights

If you’re coaching a female youth basketball team, it’s great to showcase a certain role model they can aspire to be or learn from. Use this blog if you want to connect to your youth team by referring to real-world examples of successful athletes.


Hoops Addict

Hoops Addict is a comprehensive basketball resource that aims to help players improve their game. Its content covers practical advice for players on the court and the cultural and technical aspects that make basketball more than just a game.

Learning how to play basketball goes beyond understanding the game’s rules. This is why Hoops Addict also offers insights on the latest gear and ball and hoop reviews.

💡Tip: The Jordan Zion 2 excels in ankle support with its Flywire-equipped upper and Air Strobel-cushioned midsole, offering comfort for extended play or foot pain relief.



Inside the Hall

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Inside the Hall is a dedicated source of basketball news, recruiting updates, and analysis of the Indiana Hoosiers team. It features detailed coverage of recruiting targets, transfer portal lists, player previews for upcoming matches, and post-game analyses.

The site doesn’t directly offer basketball coaching tips. However, its in-depth reporting and analysis of the Iocal teams, games, and players could inform basketball coaches looking for insights on team strategies or player developments.




Instagram | YouTube | X (formerly Twitter) | Facebook is a go-to hub for the latest college basketball coaching news, rumors, and coach job postings. It's a space run by and for college coaches, making it a rich source of insider industry insights and updates.

Instead of directly providing basketball training tips, the site focuses more on coaching careers and rule updates. This content can be invaluable for understanding the dynamics of basketball coaching at various levels, including NCAA, JUCO, and NAIA.


NBA Analysis Network

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The NBA Analysis Network is a comprehensive site covering all things NBA, including news, rumors, scores, and in-depth analysis. The site focuses on delivering the latest from the basketball world and functions more as a repository of commentary and analysis pieces.

It's more geared toward fans looking for updates on their favorite teams and players, trade rumors, draft insights, and game recaps. Coaches can bookmark this blog for the latest scoops and keep up with trends in modern basketball.


Mid-Major Madness

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Also owned by SB Nation, Mid-Major Madness is a sports website focusing on college basketball. The site offers game recaps, team and player analysis, and an occasional spotlight on coaches.

It's tailored for fans and followers of mid-major college basketball, aiming to put a spotlight on teams and athletes from these schools.


Point Guard College

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PGC Basketball offers a series of basketball camps designed to improve players' skills, basketball IQ, and leadership on the court. They emphasize not just physical skills but also the mental and strategic aspects of the game, aiming to develop well-rounded athletes.

Their programs cater to different age groups and skill levels, from foundational courses for younger players to advanced camps for high school and college athletes. They also host coaching camps for coaches who want to learn more about their practice.

“Our entire university team attended PGC, and it was the BEST teaching program I’ve ever seen!” – Shawnee Harle, Assistant Coach & Former University of Calgary Head Coach



BasketballNews is a rich resource for all things basketball, offering a blend of NBA news, player insights, and more. It's packed with information that could benefit coaching strategies through comprehensive stats and analysis,

It's an excellent starting point for coaches seeking to deepen their understanding of the game's current dynamics.



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CoachTube offers access to online training from the world’s best coaches in various sports, including basketball.

The site has a blog section containing plenty of informational content on different aspects of basketball. These content pieces have detailed instructions and video examples you can study.

The site contains free and premium content from coaches who provide a wide range of drills and exercises. You can also sign up for CoachTube and upload your own lessons and masterclasses.

💡Tip: Playing 1-on-1 teaches your player scoring and defense against an individual player, offering ample practice opportunities for different strategies.



Pro Skills Basketball

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Pro Skills Basketball is an initiative offering youth basketball camps, clinics, and educational resources. Their blogs and programs are all about teaching kids not just the skills for basketball but also for life and success.

They focus on a professional experience for all involved, emphasizing organized communication, respect, and personal growth on and off the court. You can visit their site to browse where they host clinics, camps, and academies near your area.

💡Tip: Joining Basketball Camps is a great way to motivate your team to learn new techniques and basketball exercises



Hoops King

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Hoops King is a must-visit for basketball coaches, players, and enthusiasts. It offers a wide array of basketball training equipment, custom products, and insightful coaching aids

From specialized dribbling and shooting aids to strength training gear and coaching DVDs, this site is dedicated to improving basketball skills at all levels.

The site sells plenty of coaching gear your team might need. They sell dry-erase clipboards, training pads, and more.

💡Tip: Don’t forget to check on your court equipment to prevent accidents due to faulty or worn-out gear.

NBC Camps

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NBC Camps is a respected sports camp that focuses on basketball and volleyball and emphasizes its brand name of "Nothing Beats Commitment." It offers various programs, including summer camps, year-round clinics, and international travel teams, aimed at improving athletes' skills and personal development.

Its blog contains a wealth of topics covering basketball techniques and plenty of informational content for parents and coaches. These resources are great for coaches who want to understand team concepts, how to inspire confidence, and other aspects of training their players.


Learn To Coach Basketball

Learn To Coach Basketball is a resource-rich website for those interested in enhancing their basketball coaching skills. It offers a range of articles and tips related to basketball gear, like shoesand jerseys, aiming to provide comprehensive guides on selecting the best equipment for players.

If you’re a youth coach just starting to learn about basketball, this site can help you a lot. Its blog covers the most simple questions, from the average length of a college basketball game to more in-depth basketball equipment guides.

Rule Differences: Some basketball rules will vary slightly depending on what division your team is competing in. As a responsible coach, you must learn the differences between FIBA, NBA, and NCAA rules.



Basketball Trainer provides expert, trustworthy, and fun basketball training solutions. The site provides player information on basketball camps in various states and offers resources through its blog to improve their skills.

The site includes blogs covering basic and advanced basketball techniques. It also has a section for enrolling in basketball camps for all skill levels.

Collaborate With Coaches: Getting feedback and consulting other basketball coaches can help you develop your unique coaching strategies.

CYC Sports


CYC Sports is dedicated to building communities of faith through sports, emphasizing values such as faith, sportsmanship, and service. Since 1941, it has engaged over 3 million athletes, supported by countless volunteers.

CYC offers a wide range of sports resources for different age groups, including basketball. The site includes blogs and sections on coaching requirements, athlete development, practice plans, and sportsmanship initiatives.

Their programs and resources offer comprehensive guidance for coaches looking to instill not just athletic skills but also important life lessons to their athletes.

Wyndham Basketball

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The Wyndham Basketball website is the go-to resource for everything basketball in the Wyndham area. They're big on athlete development, running camps, clinics, and training sessions to improve a player’s skills.

This site has a wealth of resources, including a play development matrix, FIBA handbooks, online coaching videos, and more. They're always looking for more coaches, so there's a chance to apply for openings, too.

Coaching Kidz

Coaching Kidz is all about giving sports enthusiasts, especially coaches, a competitive edge. You can find great articles covering instructional guides on helping your team get sponsors or figuring out the ins and outs of different sports.

This website covers content on various sports, with basketball being a key focus. Besides providing informational guides on basketball drills for young athletes, there’s also a section specifically catered to coaches.

Youth Hoops 101



Youth Hoops 101 is designed to be a go-to resource for those looking to elevate their basketball coaching game, particularly for guiding youth-level athletes. It offers a wealth of insightful coaching tips, drills, strategies, and guidance for developing young players.

Besides the core skills of basketball, the site also has sections on nutrition tips and mental health topics. Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your coaching techniques, this site’s resources can help you foster your players’ commitment to the game.


Star Basketball Academy

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The Star Basketball Academy, based in Dubai and Sharjah, offers professional basketball coaching for the youth. With FIBA-qualified coaches, the academy emphasizes personalized training methods to suit each player's learning style.

In addition to their basketball blogs, they're pioneering the integration of an E-Learning system for basketball training, which facilitates communication between players, parents, and coaches. You can download the Star Basketball Academy App to learn more about their programs in the UAE.

Parental Partners: As a coach, you can also work with your players’ parents to help them stay motivated and committed to their development as young athletes.



Impact Basketball

Instagram | X (formerly Twitter)


IMPACT Basketball is all about changing the way players train. They offer programs that mix skill development, strength and speed training, nutritional programs, and mental toughness. 

Whether it's summer camps, post-grad academies, or pro training, they've got a comprehensive approach to maximize a player’s potential. Besides providing access to diverse programs for athletes, there are also job openings for coaches who want to expand their portfolio.


Watts Basketball



Watts Basketball offers basketball coaching tips and insights aimed at improving the skills and understanding of players at various levels.

They often feature training programs, videos, and articles crafted by experienced coaches and players to help others learn the game's nuances. These can help them develop their skills and foster a deeper love for basketball.

“[Watts] paved the way for a lot of us in the community… The hard work [Donald] puts into the community and on the court rubs off on people… it’s a blessing.”

Nate Robinson, three-time NBA Slam Dunk Champion



Coaching Also Demands Learning

There’s always something more a basketball coach can learn to better prepare their players. Thanks to the internet’s accessibility, there’s a whole library of resources that are now accessible to anyone who wants to be better at their craft.

You can choose from a wide range of mentors and informative sources to help you develop your coaching skills and guide your basketball team. The different blogs on this post can help you develop your coaching philosophy and build a path for your entire team to become professional athletes.

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