How to Mount a Basketball Hoop On Your Garage

How to Mount a Basketball Hoop On Your Garage

So, you’ve decided to buy a new basketball hoop and plan to install it in your garage. Seems like a limited space to enjoy a game compared to having a full basketball court. That is why it is important to make sure that you mount the basketball hoop properly.

When you mount the basketball hoop anywhere in your garage, you might get problems afterward. Make sure to consider the information below.

The Windows in the Garage Door

Take a look at your garage first. Are there plenty of windows? If you’re installing the hoop in an area with a window, an incident of smashing it can be possible. For sure, you don’t want to break the window when you’re throwing some free throws.

 This is why it is imperative to take into account the location before you do the basketball hoop installation.

Possible Panel Damage on Garage Door

Are you planning to mount the hoop to the front of your garage? If so, there is a possibility that your garage door will be damaged due to missed or low shots. It will be better if you do not mount the basketball hoop above the garage door.

 A ball that hits the garage door may also cause dented panels, chipped paint, and broken windows. It is also possible to have damage to your outdoor lighting, vinyl siding, gutters, and vehicles parked nearby.

Limited Space for Playing

When you’re going to mount a basketball hoop in the garage, make sure to consider the playing space available. Typically, single-car driveways measure 9-12 feet in width. Well, you may have a space to do close shots; however, that would not be fit if you’re going to have a five versus five game. Keep in mind that the wider the space where you can play, the better the experience.

Integrity of Your Garage Wall

A dunk, a fast move, and your excellent shooting skills–all these can be perfect with a basketball hoop that is installed with a strong base. Thus, you need to ensure that the surface is solid and sturdy. The wall where you will mount the basketball hoop must be able to withstand physical pressure.

Ensure as well that the backboard is secured to the wall. The surface should be flat and not close to the roofline to achieve that.

Check your walls if they contain electrical wiring since they can cause hazards and issues during installation.

Possible Siding Damage When Taking Down the Hoop

In case you decide to remove the basketball hoop from the garage, make sure to do it carefully to prevent damaging the sidings. It will be helpful to use additional protection on your walls and sidings.


Playing basketball can be enjoyed not only on a court outdoors. You can also mount a basketball hoop on your home premises, such as in your garage. However, you should be aware of some things to consider when installing it in the garage. Opt not to obstruct the entryway of the garage if a basketball hoop is going to be installed.

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