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How to Run a Basketball Camp

Running a basketball camp might be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!


It can also be tough in the beginning—there’s a lot more to figure out than you might have thought at first glance.

You must consider things like…

  • What equipment you’ll use
  • Scheduling
  • Rule adjustment
  • Teaching methods for a diverse age and skill group

However, in the end, it’s all well worth it. The feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment you’ll enjoy as a coach or administrator will only be exceeded by that of your players.

To make the process a bit easier, let’s look at some of those important considerations and give you the answers:

What Basketball Camp Equipment is Necessary?

There are two categories of basketball camp equipment. Firstly, there’s the equipment and accessories that players are expected to provide for themselves (e.g., clothing appropriate for play unless you’re providing uniforms, athletic shoes, and so on). Next is the equipment you need to provide for your players, such as hoops, balls, safety gear, and, of course, the court itself.

If uniforms aren’t provided, players should be reminded to wear clothing appropriate for athletics. This usually includes shirts or tank-tops, shorts, and sneakers that allow for efficient movement on the court. Sneakers should always be tied and drawstrings on shorts should be tightly cinched. Unless you’re providing it, players will also need to procure safety equipment, such as mouth guards or athletic glasses/goggles.

The equipment you provide should be considered with care. For example, the type of basketball hoop you choose will have a significant impact on the players. Will you choose a wall mounted basketball hoop or a portable hoop with adjustable height for younger players? Are your campers going to be playing indoors or outdoors? Should the pole of your hoop be padded or is it unnecessary?

These are all important considerations for your players—spend some time thinking about them and coming up with a plan appropriate for the general age range and level of play of your campers.

How to Design an Effective Schedule for Basketball Camp

Thinking about your schedule ahead of time will make your basketball camp run much smoother. Some basketball camps choose to break down the day into different sections, such as:

  • Instruction time: The period of time in which coaches actively teach strategies and important skills to the players. The players will likely also use this time to drill those newly-learned skills.
  • Application time: This block of time is for players to actively apply the skills they learned during instruction, either with more solo drills or in small groups. Competitive play is acceptable, but typically points aren’t kept as they would be for a more formal game. Coaches can step in and help campers refine their skills.
  • Scrimmage time: During a scrimmage, the goal is to integrate the newly acquired skills into a team environment. Drills should not be conducted solo, as the goal is to instruct campers on how to play together more effectively.
  • Game time: A more formal game where points are kept, and players get to try out their new skills in a more realistic environment.

Ultimately, the way you lay out each day should help campers learn, improve their game, and have a great time playing basketball and making new friends.

Should a Basketball Camp Have “House Rules”?

Most basketball camps have “house rules,” meaning that certain rules or regulations are changed to be suitable for the age range and skill level of the players attending the camp. One of the most common changes is the height of the basketball hoop with an adjustable hoop. This can be especially effective for younger players.

Improve Your Camp with the Best Basketball Camp Equipment

If you’re going to administrate a basketball camp, having access to the best equipment for your players will improve everyone’s experience—including yours!

If you have questions about what equipment would be best for your basketball camp, please feel free to contact us today at Quality Hoops. We carry a large line of regulation-friendly products as well as adjustable products to appeal to all ages and levels of play. We can also be reached at (405) 339-0055.

We wish your basketball camp all the best!

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How to Run a Basketball Camp