Tips to Improve Your Basketball Shooting Technique

Tips to Improve Your Basketball Shooting Technique

If you want to dominate the court in basketball, your shooting technique is perhaps one of the most critical aspects to perfect. After all, not even Michael Jordan or LeBron James could live on dunks alone. However, improving your shooting technique is a pretty complicated process. It’s not just something that happens overnight.  

There are many factors for a great shot, and those have to be perfected to improve your shooting technique. So, how exactly do you improve your basketball shooting technique? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn some tips for basketball shooting that can help you improve your fundamentals.

Eyes On The Hoop 

Keeping your eye on the target is perhaps the most important element of a proper shooting technique for basketball. The mistake here is that lots of players focus on the ball rather than the hoop.  

If you want to get the ball through the hoop, you must maintain focus on your target and direct your ball to it. Try focusing on the hoop’s front rim so that your hand-eye coordination will be improved as well.

Pay Attention To Your Stance

Another mistake that many basketball players often make is that their balance and stance are less than ideal. It’s important to remember that your balance and stance can affect your shot, and it won’t be made if you’re slouching in the court.  

Make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart, whether you’re shooting from three-point range or making a free throw. Your knees also must be slightly bent — this is not just for your technique but also for preventing excessive wear on your joints that can cause an injury. When it comes to stances, you can choose one that will work best for you. 

Make Sure Your Grip Is Tight 

It’s difficult to do anything properly if you don’t have a good grip on what you’re holding, and the same is true in basketball. When handling the ball, your fingers must be spread well-enough apart from each other for the ball to be able to balance on the one hand.

The ball should also be placed on your finger pads and not on your fingernails or the palm of your hand. You must also leave a bit of space between your palms and the ball. You should place your non-dominant hand on the side to give it stability. When shooting, always use your dominant hand to push it and the other to guide.

Shoot Accurately 

When shooting the ball, you should make sure its arc begins by going straight up. If you try to throw the ball in a straight line, you’ll greatly decrease your odds of getting it in the hoop. The ball should be traveling in a straight line downward when it reaches the hoop. Your elbow should be under the ball, with your shooting hand parallel to the rim.  

The ball should stay in front of you, and it should not go behind your head. When releasing the ball, your entire body should make a smooth, coordinated motion. Make sure that you release the ball before the top of your jump. Your legs must also generate an upward force that can propel the ball and make the shot stronger. 

How to Improve Your Jump Shot

If you want to know how to get better at shooting a basketball with a jump shot, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind. First, you should always jump straight up, landing where you started. Release the ball just before you reach the top of your jump because your legs will add additional force to help the ball carry through the air. As with all types of shooting, it’s critical to maintain a fluid, consistent motion.

What Not To Do 

  • Do not let the ball sit in your thumb. This puts your body in a strained position, which can be detrimental to making a shot.
  • Do not twist your body when shooting. Turning your body can also cause you to miss a shot. Check your foot alignment or figure out if you are bringing your guide hands down too early. 


Perfecting your fundamentals is key to enjoying the game, whether you want to improve 3-point shooting or get better at hitting shots in the paint. The bottom line is that practicing your fundamentals is critical if you want to become better on the court.  

Good mechanics are just as important as natural talent if you want to put up big numbers. Knowing how to improve your basketball shooting technique will make you a better teammate and put your team in the best position for success. If you’re looking for top-quality basketball hoops, Quality Hoops has got you covered! If you know when to replace equipment, we have everything you need, including backboards and goals. Contact us today to learn more!

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