Kids, Hoop It Up with These Tips to Improve 3-Point Shooting

Kids, Hoop It Up with These Tips to Improve 3-Point Shooting

Basketball is a fantastic activity for youngsters, but it can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to shooting three-pointers! Shooting and scoring in basketball are among the most enjoyable and popular aspects of the game; therefore, kids are constantly attempting to score as far and many times as possible.

Because 3-point shooting is challenging, it requires precision and much more strength. Kids are physically farther from basketball hoops, meaning shooting can be a challenge for them. Fortunately, our team at Quality Hoops has some practical tips and suggestions to help your kids improve their 3-point shooting.

Working on Your Form

A focus on technique is crucial for students learning how to improve their three-point shooting. Making sure they don't just throw the ball as hard as possible will benefit them greatly in the long run. Children are likely not concentrating on control or form when heaving the ball and throwing it as hard and as far as possible. Therefore, they will not develop the requisite motor skills and technique to make three-pointers consistently.

Alter the Game, Do Drills

You can assist your youngsters in focusing on their form by altering the game! Doing so could entail things like lowering the rim and practicing shots from a closer distance. Reducing the edge is quite beneficial, as it gives children a higher chance to make a shot while still practicing proper technique, which should help them build muscles and perfect their form in the long term, allowing them to enhance their 3-point shooting.

Use Smaller Basketball

This move can aid your children because small balls are usually easier to handle due to their generally smaller size. As a result, practicing the proper technique is much easier. The ball is also somewhat lighter, which should reduce the motivation to throw the ball haphazardly, focusing solely on getting the ball to the rim rather than aiming.


Apart from focusing on form, firing more shots and practicing more can help a child's 3-point shooting ability by improving muscle memory and perfecting the necessary technique.

Do not put the kid through too many different shots or shooting drills at the same time. Allow them to become entirely comfortable with a routine and regularly making shots from closer range before moving out to the 3-point line or increasing the basket closer to the official 10 ft. height.


Allowing your child to work directly with a coach is one of the most effective strategies to improve their 3 point shooting. Professionals can help your child learn the appropriate technique and conduct specific drills and training that should enhance their 3-point shots faster and more efficiently than merely teaching at home.

Any experience that allows a youngster to separate from their parents and friends to seek an experience that is theirs will help them gain the confidence and motivation to enjoy what they are doing!

Wrapping Up

If you put these tidbits of children's basketball advice into practice and repeat this 3-point training routine a few times a week, your kids can improve their 3-point shooting accuracy. Yes, it will take time, but the benefits will be well worth the effort.

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