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A Quick Guide on Installing a Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal

Having your own set of hoops in your backyard or garage is always a welcome addition to any home, especially if you and your family are sports lovers. Now, if you’re planning on buying your own set of hoops with a backboard, you might wonder how exactly you are going to attach it to your wall. Here’s what you need to do to make your wall-mounted basketball hoops possible. 

1. Assemble the Wall Mount 

Once you’ve received your basketball goal, you need to carefully review the manufacturer’s instructions first. This will help you when assembling everything. Assemble the wall mount first and, if possible, don’t attach the backboard yet. It’ll be a lot easier to install the mount first without the weight of the entire goal. Make sure to follow the instructions to the letter and use the special screws to their corresponding points of attachment. 

2. Get the Tools You Need for the Installation 

You’re going to need a pretty sturdy ladder for this installation. In fact, you’re going to need two since the installation is a two-person job. You’re going to need another one so you can have someone help you. The task requires two people for both safety and ease, and you’ll need the ladders to reach the area where you will attach the backboard. Make sure that the ground is flat, dry, and stable when performing the installation. 

3. Measure and Mark the Height of the Goal 

It’s not recommended to just estimate the height of the goal. If you want to follow standard regulations regarding goal height, you need to measure it. Ideally, you should measure 10 feet from the ground and up the wall. You may need to do some calculations to figure out where the mount needs to be so that the hoop hangs at the 10-foot mark. You can temporarily attach the backboard to the mount to make this easier. A neat trick is to get cardboard that’s big enough for you to draw an outline of the backboard. Then you can mark where the hoops are. This will serve as your guide while measuring the height. 

If children are playing, then you might consider lowering the height. If you purchased adjustable backboards, then this won’t be necessary. After measuring the correct height, make sure to mark it with a pen or chalk, so you know exactly where to mount it. You can use a standard bubble level to check if the marks you left are level with one another. 

4. Affix the Mount to the Wall 

Drill a hole into each mark on your wall using a carbide-tipped drill that’s slightly smaller than the screws you’ll be using. Most likely, your concrete screws will have a recommended size for pilot holes. Use a bit that is this size. After drilling, clear all the dust out of the holes. Together with your assistant, hold the mount to the wall and attach it to the wall using the screws in their respective holes. 

5. Attach the Backboard 

Finally, attach the backboard to the mounting system, then attach the hoop to the backboard. This process may differ depending on the design of the goal you purchased, but it pretty much works like this for most modern basketball goals. 


Installing wall-mounted basketball hoops isn’t as easy as it looks. If you want to achieve the best results, you better make sure you follow the instructions carefully and take some extra precautions. It also works to have someone assist you in installing them. 

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