If you are here, you probably are a basketball lover or know someone who loves to shoot hoops. Perhaps you are also confused about what kind of basketball goals to buy or how to get your court started!


Basketball has always been a well-loved sport in the US—and buying your own hoops, whether at home or for the community, is a good idea for bonding or honing one’s skills. While the idea of owning a basketball court may appear simple and straightforward, there are also several considerations involved in the process to ensure it works out well.


One of the most important choices you need to make is identifying the right hoop type for your needs and purposes. You might think that all basketball hoops look the same—but there are different kinds and types because they have their own pros and cons!


Luckily, this article would tell you the most important types you need to know to help you make that final decision.


Type 1: The Outdoor Basketball Hoop


The outdoor hoop is a familiar ring you would see in the streets. There are two major types of outdoor hoops you would come across: the ground hoop and the mountable hoop. They differ based on the kind of security and transferability you want for your hoop.


For example, if you want a hoop you can place anywhere, a mountable hoop would be good for you. It would come with just the ring and the board, and you’ll need to set up a wall mount that you can pretty much install on any surface.


Meanwhile, the ground hoop has a pole, so it is more sturdy! It’s perfect for those who want to dunk a lot or just play a bit rough on the ring. However, once you place it in one location, it is not that easily transferable—so make that choice wisely!


Type 2: The Indoor Basketball Hoop


Having an outdoor basketball court allows players to breathe in fresh air while they play. The only downside is that they cannot play the game if the weather does not permit it.


An indoor basketball hoop would be an excellent solution to that. The hoops used for this type are also mountable and easy to use—making it an excellent choice for those who have the indoor space for it!


Type 3: The Pool Basketball Hoop


If you have a pool at home and want to make the swimming days more exciting, adding a pool hoop would be a great idea. These poolside hoops have a larger backboard than general hoops. That helps the ball bounce back to the players immediately instead of chasing the ball! Some even have curved backboards to help make the game flawless and fun.


If you want to add a challenge to the game, you can also buy a basketball hoop that floats on the water.


Type 4: The Transportable Basketball Hoop


This type of hoop has a base that allows you to use it anytime you want, even as soon as you get it home! Some of them have wheels that would enable you to move them from one place to another—and since they have a sturdy base, you would surely enjoy having fun playing with your friends and family in the backyard or by the street.




You do not have to be a pro player before getting your basketball hoop! All you need is to know what kind you like that is perfect for your space, location, and what type of game you would play with your friends or family. By keeping this guide in mind, you’re already one step closer to getting the perfect basketball system for your home.


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