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Some sports are more fun to play in the right seasons. For example, pool basketball is a great way to get your blood pumping while having a splash around a pool during the summer. Besides having a good time with friends and family, it’s an effective way to cool off the heat. If you haven’t heard of this game before, we’ll give you a refresher course. 


Summertime is a great way to get some exercise. However, it’s hard to get the motivation to stay active under the hot sun. Thankfully, you can play pool basketball to give you a much-needed workout while cooling off in the swimming pool. 

Pool basketball is playable in any backyard or apartment complex pool. You can also play it in larger pools as long as you set boundaries for the court. Just like traditional basketball, you get a water basketball hoop on each end. If you have access to a pool and a pair of hoops, all you need to do is set your game’s rules. 

While people can make their own pool basketball rules with a casual game of pool basketball, there are some official rules you can follow as your guidelines for playing basketball. Here’s a breakdown of pool basketball’s basic rules before you hoop:

  • Each team should have five players, with four actively in the water. The fifth player can come into play after a time-out. These player numbers can be adjusted depending on how many players you can invite to play.
  • Players need to stay within the wear inner tube floatation device. While you can play without these on, it’s safer to do this as it also adds a layer of complexity and challenge to swimming.
  • Players cannot swim in the pool with the ball but must pass it to their teammates while in the same place. However, players holding the ball may take two jump steps after obtaining it to build their momentum. Any step afterward counts as traveling in pool basketball.
  • Pool basketball players from either team can make a shot from anywhere within the water court’s boundaries. Field goals will be awarded two points, while free throws will be valued at one point.
  • Players without ball control can trap ball handlers to begin a stall count from 1-10. In place of a shot count, the ball will be turned over to the opposite team if a stall count reaches ten. Keep in mind that intentionally stalling can count as a technical foul.
  • After a basket is scored in pool basketball, the ball will be back in play to the nearest pool deck next to the basket.
  • Each team is allowed a total of three fouls. The standard violations for pool basketball are the following:
    • Intentionally stalling for time while in possession of the ball
    • Traveling
    • Advancing the ball with other means besides throwing
    • Exiting their inner tubes
    • Grabbing other players’ inner tubes
    • Pushing and grabbing players from underwater
    • Pushing the sides of the pools’ border for an advantage
    • Putting the ball underwater
    • Intentionally splashing water against the opponent 

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Pool basketball takes the best of both worlds by mixing an adrenaline-pumping activity in a relaxing setting. Since play on the court now takes place in a pool, you’ll need to have an appropriate pair of water basketball hoops to play. Thankfully, you can purchase different varieties of pool water basketball hoops, from standard floating hoops to more heavy-duty hoops with mounted and unmounted styles.

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