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Basketball Hoops for Saltwater Pools: Why You Need Them

Basketball hoops in a pool are a fun way to spice up your summer parties. However, saltwater pools require a specific type of basketball hoop. Using a basketball hoop specifically made for saltwater is important because metals react badly to saltwater. The metal may rust and deteriorate quickly.

Weather Resistant

The weather and salt are both contributing factors of corrosion in your basketball hoops. Consider looking for a basketball hoop that is weather-resistant to ensure it lasts for a long time. A non-weather-resistant hoop will be affected easily by the sunlight and rain, requiring early replacement.


Most of the time, basketball hoops don’t last long especially if the users constantly dunk on them. However, if it is installed in a saltwater pool, the chances of corrosion are higher. Therefore, you should choose hoops that are designed for the environment it will be installed in.

Easy to Install

There are various salt-friendly hoops in the market. But make sure that the kind you pick is easy to install. Also, pick out something that’s easy to disassemble especially if you plan to move its location in the future.


Safety comes with the stability of the basketball hoop. Go for a stable basketball hoop that does not topple over easily. If it’s unstable, it can easily cause injuries to the users. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Depending on your preference, a hoop should be both portable and non-portable. Since they are often equipped with a roller base, it gives you a chance to move it to where you want. This is a great feature as it enhances the product’s portability.


Consider purchasing a hoop that is adjustable depending on who will use it. Most manufacturers provide specifications to help buyers identify the perfect size of their hoop. Before ordering, consider who will be using it—especially their heights.


If you’re considering purchasing your own basketball hoop for personal use, here are some benefits you may gain from having one. Basketball hoops are fun and entertaining especially when you’re bored. You can use it with family and friends to enjoy the summer sun. Basketball hoops also make your pool attractive. They can add a bit of color and life to your pool.

Choosing the right basketball hoop for a saltwater pool involves a lot of considerations before purchasing. However, these considerations can allow you to identify which exact type can fit your needs and requirements.

Quality Hoops believe that basketball is a sport loved by many. From gymnasiums to community courts, we believe that having the right basketball hoop is essential to play the game right—even if it’s just a game of swimming pool basketball. We have a basketball hoop specialized to resist rust on the rim called FT172D-GV galvanized fixed rim, found on our website.

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