Why Do Basketball Rims Have Nets Attached to Them

A stringed net or a chain-linked net is a consistent element of a basketball rim, almost like they’re just one thing. But aside from professional hoops, basketball rims in schoolyards and parks don’t really have nets. What makes it different?

Basketball rims have nets for the main reason that it stops the ball once it goes in. It also helps referees and players verify that a basket has been made.

In this article, we’ll go deeper into the purpose of nets in basketball rims.

To Slow Down the Ball

As stated above, the primary purpose of a basketball net is to stop the ball once it goes into the basket. Deeper shots can actually cause the ball to ricochet farther and with more force, which means that shots that either go in or miss the basket will bounce back after landing.

But thanks to the invention of the basketball net in 1891, a ball’s momentum will be stopped by the netting, preventing a forceful ricochet. The ball will now softly fall under the net where players can pick it up. 

To Confirm a Basket Is Made

Nets confirm that a ball from a three-point range went in through the swish sound and the actual moving of the net. That makes it easier for referees, players, and spectators to confirm a basket has been made even from a distance.

On the other hand, an absence of a net will only result in inconsistencies. It can be difficult to verify a made basket, especially when the ball is shot from a corner. If that is the case, then players only have their depth perception to confirm a shot.

Are Nets Necessary To Playing Basketball?

The short answer to this question is no. A net is not necessary if you want to play basketball. However, it is highly recommended that you do it for a better game. No player wants a basketball game interrupted just because the ball rolled down the hill from a corner.

Having a net attached to the rim will also help slow down the ball, so it won’t exit the net completely clean. A net will also let the shooter take deeper shots without worrying about the ball bouncing back with greater force.

Moreover, having the advantage of easily confirming a basket comes in handy if you’re playing against friends and family where arguments can be shared. Overall, it’s just easier to settle the score and determine a counted basket if there is a net.


Having a net attached to the rim ultimately makes the basketball game better for everyone. There’s no argument as to why we should not have nets. It’s just more convenient and practical! Perhaps playground basketball games can sacrifice a net, but professional basketball games definitely need it.

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