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Breakaway Basketball Rim: Features, Characteristics, and Buying Guide

There is no denying that a good basketball game comes from the skills, dedication, and energy of the players on court. However, it is also a fact that the equipment plays a role. Just like how players need to wear jerseys and good breathable, durable, and light shoes to play the best that they can, the court needs to be equipped with a good ball, hoops, and rims. 

If you’re recently building a basketball court to use, one of the best rims that you should consider is the breakaway basketball rim. Check out the features and characteristics that you need to look for in a good basketball rim. 

Features of the Breakaway Basketball Rim 

A breakaway basketball rim is a specific type that can bend at an ever-so-slight angle. This rim is what makes slam dunks possible without the hoop snapping in two. This is because when pressure is applied to it, the rim will bend in a downward motion. When that same pressure is released, the rim goes back to its original horizontal position.

This rim improves safety by reducing the risk of wrist injuries as players dunk. It is also more durable and won’t shatter the backboard, which ensures that the game gets less delays.

Quick Hoop History 

Arthur Ehrat is recognized as the inventor of the breakaway basketball rim back in 1976. His nephew, an assistant basketball coach at Saint Louis University, asked him to design a rim that wouldn't warp the rim or break the glass during dunks. 

Ehrat then got to work, using a spring from a John Deere to create a rim that can withstand 125 pounds of force. The aim was for it to bend without breaking and make it snap back to its original position. The breakaway rim was first used in the NCAA during the 1978 Final Four in St. Louis. He got an official patent in 1982.

How to Look for a Good Quality Breakaway Basketball Rim

To look for the best breakaway rim, you need to know what they’re typically made of. They use a high tensile carbon steel with a solid steel rod that is usually  5/8" in diameters. The inside diameter is often 18" across the inside. 

The back plate of the rim is usually 3/16" think steel. Some manufacturers use thicker back plates at 1/4" thick steel to be better at absorbing the stress of a dunk when players decide to hang on the rim.

Stay away from automated "spot welded" rims. Rims have to be hand welded to be a good and safe quality. The steel’s quality should be protected from rust by using a high quality powder coat finish. This will provide scratch resistance for long term use.


Breakaway basketball rims are a great choice for any court that responsibly puts safety first. Now that you know a little bit more about them, you can be a lot more confident about ordering them for your court. 

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