3 Factors to Consider to Buy the Right Basketball System

3 Factors to Consider to Buy the Right Basketball System

Understanding that you now need a basketball hoop is perhaps the easiest part on the road to actually owning one. The hardest part is actually picking the right type of basketball system to satisfy your needs. This is because there are many different types of basketball systems out there that are built for different use cases. As an example, there are adjustable height basketball systems and fixed height basketball systems. Do you know which one is best for your needs? Since you are reading this article, chances are you are still looking for that answer.

Worry no more! Today, we are going to talk about the various parts of the basketball system that you need to consider carefully. This will help you pick the right basketball system that will maximize your investment and the fun you get:

 1. The rim

First things first, the rim. It might seem like an easy pick, simply because all rims look essentially the same. However, some rims will be designed differently to fit needs. 

For instance, you will find fixed rims and breakaway rims. As the name implies, fixed rims are attached directly to the backboard using metal. These are the perfect rims for those who do not dunk or hang off the rim, as the implementation will constantly maintain the rim's level. On the other hand, a breakaway rim offers the flexibility needed for people who love to tug on the rims often. Over time, these rims will slowly droop, so some maintenance will be required, but they will protect the backboard from a lot of stress.

 Apart from that, rims also come in different sizes. If you want regulation rims, they are 18-inches in diameter and generally come in at 5/8-inch thick. 

 2. The pole

There are plenty of basketball poles to pick from. Some come in four inches, others are as high as six inches. Generally, the thicker the pole, the more stable it is. This is essential if you want the pole to overhang as far as possible to stop people from accidentally running into the pole. Also, the thicker the pole, the heavier the backboards it can handle. That said, a six-inch pole is what you will want if you want to use a regulation backboard with at least four feet in length of overhang. 

When you do get a pole, we highly recommend that you buy padding. That way, should anyone trip, fall, or run into the pole, the padding will cushion the impact to minimize the risk of injuries. 

3. The backboard

After the pole and the rim comes the backboard. There are two considerations to be made here: size and material.

You will want to opt for a standard 72-inch backboard to reproduce playing conditions when it comes to size. However, you are not limited to only that size. It comes in many sizes, from 42 inches and even 60 inches, where 72 inches is the biggest one you can find. With material, the best material will include glass and acrylic. They offer the best play, but if you want something more durable, steel and aluminum backboards will also work.


Pay close attention to all the aspects of a basketball system. Everything from the pole up to the rim, you must get right. Otherwise, you compromise your playing experience, forcing you to either deal with it or invest more money into something that actually fits your needs. That said, always take the time to purchase from a reputable manufacturer and provider. This ensures that you get the highest-quality basketball systems possible that last for many years, offering plenty of hours of unrivaled practice and fun!

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