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      We offer basketball hoops, backboards, nets, and assorted hardware manufactured from quality steel, aluminum, fiberglass, acrylic, and tempered glass materials. These playground basketball hoops are developed to stay safe over years of heavy use. When the time comes to buy new playground basketball goals or net or to replace an old one, Quality Hoops has just what you need.

      When selecting the right playground basketball hoops, it’s important to determine your needs. Available space, installation surface, age range of users, weather, and potential nearby activities all influence your choice. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we will help you find the best product to meet them.

      Playground Basketball Hoops, Goals, and School Basketball Nets for Sale

      Our playground basketball products aren’t the same as residential driveway basketball equipment. Heavy duty construction, durable materials, and adjustable designs mean our equipment meets the needs of any playground setup. We feature products with height and reach adjustable poles, backboards ranging from 48″ to 72″, rectangular and fan-shaped backboards, and fixed or folding models.

      Whether your playground has limited space with just a few youngsters playing, or needs multiple, reinforced systems that will be used by hundreds of young adults, our products will provide years of safe, quality use. Do you just need a net that will stand the test of countless games? We have school basketball nets that will fit the playground basketball goals you have.

      Top Quality Outdoor Basketball Goals

      Whether you manage a community park or recreation center, own a gym, or coach a team, you want to get the best quality equipment for your buck. There’s no doubt that outdoor basketball goals take more of a beating than indoor, as they must withstand the annual weather conditions.

      Outdoor Basketball Hoops for Sale

      That being said, no longer are the days that basketball hoops remain outside 24 hours a day. In fact, entire outdoor basketball systems can be brought indoors when not in use. When looking at new outdoor basketball goals, Quality Hoops recommends First Team. First Team Flex Goals can vary from a recreational to heavy-duty hoop made with a zinc-coated rust-resistant finish, and to top, a super duty double rim. Flex Goals will fit most backboards and are fitted with continuous net locks. They’re easy to install and carry a warranty.

      Outdoor Basketball Systems

      For complete outdoor basketball goals, Quality Hoops carries First Team, Gared, and Goalsetter. We strive to offer quality equipment that can hold up, even through various weather conditions and the toughest of games. Most are adjustable in rim height, such as the First Team Adjustable Titan system with a choice in backboard size and composition, including built-in steel, aluminum, clear acrylic or tempered glass.

      The Gared Endurance Playground System, or GP100, is perfect for the community park or school environment. The aluminum framed steel or glass board comes in stationary or breakaway goals. It is a fixed height unit, but it has three extension lengths, 4-, 5- and 6-foot, and the galvanized materials are powder-coated for protection from the elements, which provides for an extended life.

      The Gared Hoopmaster LT is the ultimate in portable units – use it outdoors, use it indoors. Its portability is perfect for high school, community college and university gyms, but when necessary you can take it outdoors for practice or a game. A shatterproof glass official-sized backboard, 2″ thick backboard padding, and adjustable padded floor pads come standard. The height is adjustable with Gared’s spring-lift system.

      When searching for outdoor basketball hoops for sale, or complete outdoor basketball systems, Quality Hoops offers nothing but the best. We appreciate other sports but have a long history in basketball. We specialize for a reason – to offer top-quality basketball equipment along with the customer service to help you find the equipment best fit for your unique situation. Contact us today!

      Quality Hoops – Quality & Service

      We started out with a love of the game and an enthusiasm for providing others with quality equipment. Over the years we came to the realization that there are few places that will answer all your sports equipment needs. Our mission is to become your one-stop destination for all your playground basketball hoops and sports equipment needs. Our belief in fairness, trust, and determination can be relied on to continue providing quality service and equipment. Visit our store to explore the products we offer.