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What to Look for in a Safe Outdoor Basketball Hoop

Shooting hoops with your kids can be pretty fun. But when your kids are out playing basketball with their friends, you can get worried about what might happen to them while at the park.

It’s essential to give your kids a safe environment to have fun and play. This is why some parents opt to get an outdoor basketball hoop for the yard or driveway. Your kids can safely play basketball at home and can even invite some of their friends over for some good old fun.

However, before purchasing some outdoor basketball hoops, you have to know how safe it’ll be for your kids. Here are some safety features you should look for when getting an outdoor basketball hoop for your home.

Propper Padding

If you’re going for a wall-mounted basketball hoop, you won’t need to worry about this. But if you want to go for a basketball hoop with a strong base, you’ve got to make sure it’s adequately padded.

Players can accidentally run into the base or pole when playing, so it’s best to have it padded to cushion the impact. The pole pad should have padding that is at least two inches thick to protect the players. It should also be at least six feet in height to avoid anyone banging their heads against the board. And the backboard should also be padded to prevent injuries when jumping close to the glass.

Large Overhang

The overhang is the distance between the front of the central pole and the front of the backboard. You need a large overhang to ensure that players have enough room under the board. Cheaper brands would cut costs by shortening the overhang to 18 inches. However, you should look for outdoor basketball hoops with a regulation four feet overhand. Some premium brands even offer hoops with a five-foot overhang for ensured safety.

Fully Enclosed Adjustment Features

Many basketball hoops come with adjustable features. Some can adjust the height to as low as five feet, which is discouraged as it might result in head injuries. For example, some manufacturers leave the corners of the steel and glass frame exposed, which could be dangerous. You’d want to look for outdoor basketball hoops that have the outside perimeter of the frame enclosed with aluminum.

Basketball hoop manufacturers often use springs to allow users to adjust the height of the basketball hoop. However, exposed springs can be a problem, especially with children lowering the height as much as possible to dunk. It’s essential to find outdoor basketball hoops with fully enclosed adjustment features on the back and inside of the main pole. 

Final Thoughts

Basketball safety is no joke. When you’re purchasing an outdoor basketball hoop for your kids to enjoy at home, you have to ensure that it is safe to use. Make sure there’s proper padding to cushion any impact when playing. Get one with a large overhang to allow players enough room to play under the board. And go for one that has fully enclosed adjustment features. 

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