Step-By-Step Guide To Installing Hoops on a Garage or Wall

Step-By-Step Guide To Installing Hoops on a Garage or Wall

A basketball hoop mounted on a garage wall may be a cheap and quick method to practice your favorite sport at home. Garage basketball hoops are perfect for people who have insufficient driveway space for an entire inground basketball hoop. It's quite easy to install these basketball hoops, with the right equipment, planning, and game spirit, you'll be shooting away in no time!

Why You Should Have Your Own Home Court 

Any vacant space may be transformed into a fun zone for ball games and simply shooting hoops with friends and family by installing a basketball hoop. Large driveways are ideal for creating home courts, with the hoop ideally hung on the roof in front of a double garage. The finest pseudo-courts are level and smooth, but any open place with enough room to play can suffice. Many single-door garage owners have made their smaller driveways work in their favor. Here's a simple guide on hoop installation on your garage or home: 

1. Laying Out the Strategy

Making sure you have the right tools is the first step in mounting a basketball hoop. A ladder, stud finder, marker, screwdriver, and level are required for this project. Depending on your exact backboard (always read the directions), you may need a few more things, but the ones listed above should cover most tasks. 

The next step is to determine where your hoop will be placed. It's useless to hang it on the wall if you want it in the garage. The location should be stable enough while also allowing sufficient elbow space for players. 

2. Locate Studs for the Wall Mount

At this point, we have all the tools, equipment, and knowledge of where to place the hoop. We suggest drilling the wall mount into a wall stud. This is generally simple to perform on an unfinished garage since you can check inside the wall for a stud to utilize. This may be more difficult on the side of a home or a wall covered on the opposite side. In that instance, utilize a stud finder and make every effort to attach the wall mount to a frame stud. 

We would not use the lag bolts and instead use concrete anchors of an adequate size to put the wall mount on a concrete or brick wall.

3. Set Up the Basketball Hoop

After measuring and indicating the locations of the garage mounting brackets, you're ready to install the hoop as specified in the basketball hoop kit's instructions. The mounting brackets should be secured according to the kit's instructions. Most garage kits come with movable brackets that allow for roof pitch and other garage face modifications. 

Using a sequence of nuts and bolts, secure the backboard, preferably with the assistance of a buddy. To keep the bolts from rusting, seal any holes or openings with a water-resistant caulk. Once the backboard is in place, use a level to check for straightness and make any necessary adjustments. 


A basketball hoop over a garage is an unending supply of entertainment, whether it's for practice, games, knock-out, horse, or simply a few shots after dinner. It's ideal for families, individuals, and groups of friends. While, like most DIY projects, it might be scary at first, hanging a hoop is straightforward if you understand the procedures. 

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