A Simple Guide in Buying Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

A Simple Guide in Buying Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

Swimming is fun, but such an activity can only provide so much entertainment before it starts to become a bit dull. But luckily, your swimming pool can be more than just a place to swim and dive as you can even turn it into a basketball court. 

Yes, you’ve read that right. You can liven things up a bit and fashion your pool into a court where you can play ball games with members of your family. The best part is that you won’t even have to spend that much as you only need a quality swimming pool basketball hoop, and you’re all good to go. 

The tricky part, though, is choosing the best one amongst the numerous options in the market. So to give you some help, here is a brief guide on what to consider when shopping for a swimming pool basketball hoop. 


Many individuals are unaware that there are various types of basketball hoops worldwide, so it would be best to make it clear as early as now that you have to purchase a ring that is a lot more different than the standard ones you see in basketball courts. 

You have to look for a hoop designed and built to be installed or placed in swimming pools. Furthermore, it has to have added features that make it waterproof as it is inevitable for it to get wet as you play. 


Swimming pool basketball hoops have varying heights. Thus, it would be helpful to consider the age of people who will be using them. If you have kids in your family, it’s better to purchase a hoop that is not placed too high over the water. In this way, young children can score points and enjoy the game as well. 


Most people often just look at the sturdiness of a hoop when shopping for standard ones as these are mainly placed in covered basketball courts, so they only need to be durable enough to withstand dunks and hits. However, the same cannot be said about swimming pool basketball hoops as they require additional features to withstand the test of time. A good ring for swimming pools must have characteristics that make them resistant to rust and weather. It has to be waterproof as well as it will come in direct contact with water most of the time. 


There are three different types of swimming pool basketball hoops: floating, portable, and deck-mounted hoops. Each of these serves its purpose, so you must be mindful of what kind you’ll have to purchase. 

Floating and portable hoops are ones that you can easily remove from your pool in case you’ll be needing some space for parties and occasions, but deck-mounted hoops are the type that is installed permanently in your swimming pool. 


When shopping for swimming pool basketball hoops, it is essential to remember that they differ from normal ones as they serve a different purpose. And as long as you keep the things listed above in mind, you’ll find that it isn’t at all that difficult to find the perfect hoop for your next swimming activity. 

Are you having a hard time finding the right ring for your swimming pool online? Quality Hoops offers a massive collection of basketball hoops built for both competitive and recreational sports activities. Buy one now and enjoy a fun swimming basketball game with your loved ones!

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