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Backyard vs. Driveway: Where to Put a Basketball Hoop

Your hobby might be playing basketball, and you want to be able to play in your home. So, you’ve decided to put a basketball hoop in your home, but you’re wondering where to put it.

A basketball hoop can be your new hobby where you can spend hours of fun. However, where you put your basketball hoop in your backyard or driveway must be properly thought about.

How a Hoop Changes the Area 

You need to remember that where you put your hoop could drastically change how you use that space, whether it’s a driveway or a backyard. You need to ensure that the spot you pick is permanent since removing or repositioning it will be expensive after the installation.

Meanwhile, a portable basketball system weighted down with a base filled with water, sand, or concrete can be more flexible. You’d have no worries repositioning it if you decided that the initial location wasn’t good for you.  

Still, even with the portable hoop, it can be challenging to move it around. The heavy base weighs down the rim and backboard setup, which is filled with sand, blocks, or water, and moving is more than a one-person job.  

So, despite its flexibility, you might still want to be sure about the spot you chose. You have two options: in the driveway or the backyard: but which of the two is better? 

Is It Better to Put the Hoop in the Backyard or the Driveway? 

If your backyard has enough room or can make do with an extra basketball hoop in it, that might be a better choice. But that will only be a good idea if your backyard is laid with concrete like a patio or a court. If it’s laid with grass, then you cannot play basketball in the area at all, and a driveway would be a better fit. 

Whether you choose the backyard or the driveway for your basketball hoop, the most critical aspect is the amount of playing area. It should be enough space for jump shots, straightaway, or shooting from either side of the basket.  

If your space is confined, you’re limited to doing short layups, which is no fun. Moreover, you want to choose a level field rather than a hill, a steep slope, or embankment. If your hoop is mounted to a wall or the roof, you also want to position it away from the windows to avoid breaking them and ending up with collateral damage. 

If you only have limited space, you can instead buy a hoop with a shorter overhand, so you have more space in front of the board. Professional-grade hoops typically have an overhang ranging from three to four feet. A system with a four-foot overhang can allow you to set the central pole just off the playing area, and you’re still left with a 4-feet regulation from the baseline. 

The Verdict 

The two most important things to consider when choosing an area for your basketball hoop are the ground and the size of the site. If your backyard is spacious and laid with concrete, then it’s your better option. However, if the area doesn’t have concrete ground, you can forget about it and just place your hoop in the driveway.  

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