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6 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Basketball Skills at Home

Making your kids practice their skills may turn into a chore… for them. And it’s up to you as parents to make it a fun and exciting activity they will look forward to.  

The technique? Sneak in some fundamentals without it looking like a “lesson.” How do you do this?  

1. Hold Contests 

Head to the nearby basketball court or the hoop in your backyard and hold a contest with your kid. Perhaps you can compete over something like who can make the most baskets from 10 feet, or who can come up with the most difficult dribbling trick. 

2. Play Simon Says 

Play the traditional Simon Says game by giving verbal instructions on what you want them to do. Keep them alert with simple directives regarding their dribbling hand or their turns. 

Make sure your child keeps their head up as you give them instructions. After all, they will need to watch the rest of the court as they play, and they shouldn’t focus only on what they’re doing. This can help boost their mental skills and focus when playing basketball.  

3. Play Puzzles 

Play puzzles by incorporating basketball in it. You might never think this is possible, but it is. What you do is for each time they score a basketball, they get a puzzle piece. This can make the game more challenging and they won’t even know you’re practicing their skills in basketball.  

4. Play Knockout 

Knockout is a classic and enjoyable game where players line up at the free throw line. Players 1 and 2 each have basketballs. When Player 1 takes the first shot, and if they miss, they must rebound as quickly as possible. As soon as Player 1 releases the ball, Player 2 can make their shot, with the goal of scoring first. If Player 2 makes the basket before Player 1, Player 1 is eliminated. Player 3 then has the opportunity to knock out Player 2, and so on. 

5. Play One on One 

Play a one on one game with your child, but make sure to add some variations to it to make things more enjoyable and challenging. You can include their friend or a sibling in the game as well with whom your child can play one on one with. 

6. Play HORSE 

The classic game of HORSE is a good way to enhance your child’s basketball skills. It’s a fun game that everybody will enjoy!  

Make Basketball Fun for Your Kids! 

It’s understandable that not all kids are eager to try out basketball. However, you can do something about it! These fun game ideas can help you teach your child some basketball skills without it becoming a tedious lesson they will be bored with. 

When your kid gets the hang of it and how enjoyable it is, they might actually enjoy it. Next thing you know, your child will be shooting hoops in your backyard by themselves to hone their skills. Even better? They could even invite you to shoot some hoops on the weekend that will be a great bonding experience.  

Get the Right Equipment 

The right basketball equipment at home will also be helpful in honing your child’s skills in basketball. So, invest in quality basketball equipment that you and your children can enjoy for years to come.  

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