Basketball Net Replacement: How to Replace Your Nylon and Chain Nets

Basketball Net Replacement: How to Replace Your Nylon and Chain Nets

Nothing beats hearing the “swish” of a basketball getting nothing but net. Over time, however, draining all those long-range shots and even the easy layups can take a toll on your basketball nets. 

Nylon nets can become frayed and slack with each bucket, and even those made of metal chains can begin to break down the longer they remain attached to your hoop. Replacing your basketball nets is something you’ll want to do on a regular basis if you want to ensure that the most satisfying of sounds continues to follow every basket.

Knowing how to replace a basketball net is important for anyone with an indoor or outdoor hoop. First and foremost, you’ll need a ladder—especially if your basketball hoop is set at a fixed height. 

Click here to read our guide to basketball hoop nets to learn more about the different types available, then read on to learn how to fix a basketball net.

Why Are Basketball Nets Used?

In addition to the sound they make punctuating a big shot, nets also help make scorekeeping and overall play easier. Referees need them to confirm whether or not a basket was made, which can be difficult to do with a bare rim. 

Whether indoor or outdoor, the net also serves to help slow and direct the ball to simplify retrieval.

Replacing a Nylon Basketball Net

The following are the steps to replace a nylon basketball net:

  1. Using a pair of scissors, cut down the old net at the large loops near the rim. Remove it completely before replacing it.
  2. If your rim has standard net hooks, thread the large loops at the top of the net through the inside of each hook. Spread the net loop around the middle of the rim hook. Pull it tight to secure it. Repeat the process for each consecutive net loop with its corresponding rim hook.
  3. If your rim has the “Never-Fail” Heavy Duty Net Lock System, feed the large loops of the new net through the inside of the provided hole. Loop the net around the “U” next to the hole and pull it tight. Repeat for each consecutive net loop and rim hook.
  4. Lightly tug all around the net to confirm everything is properly secured.

Replacing a Chain Basketball Net

These are the steps to replace a chain basketball net:

  1. Using strong metal pliers, unclamp the existing S-hooks that connect the old net to the rim and remove it.
  2. Place the open ends of the S-hooks on the new net onto the loops of the rim or into the holes on the rim.
  3. With your pliers, clamp the open ends of the S-hooks so they are all closed and secured around the rim hook.
  4. Lightly tug all around the net to confirm all hooks are properly secured.

Choose Quality Hoops for Your New Nets

close-up look at a basketball net

No matter what type of equipment you have, ensuring it’s of the highest quality is crucial if you want to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. That’s why Quality Hoops is your best choice for basketball hoop net replacement options and more. 

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