How High Should You Place Your Basketball Goal?

How High Should You Place Your Basketball Goal?

With little equipment needed beyond a ball and a goal, basketball is a sport beloved all around the world. If you have enough space in the backyard or even the driveway, all you need to do is install a good hoop! Even an empty lot near home can be turned into the neighborhood social spot with a portable basketball goal. If you have a pool, you can even attach a wall-mounted basketball goal and combine two of the most popular summer activities. There are so many fun options at your fingertips! 

One common question that customers often ask us is if there is a standard goal regulation height that they should follow when installing their hoops. The answer to that question is both yes and no. We’ll be discussing the complexities of goal height below!

Yes, There Is a Correct Regulation Basketball Goal Height

If you want to play the sport as it should be, install your goal following the standard set for the sport: the top of the rim being ten feet from the ground. 

Keep in mind that the term ‘top of the rim’ does not mean the top of the backboard nor it means the bottom of the goal’s net. It refers to the ring where the ball goes in or the circular piece of metal that holds the net together. 

The Reason Behind the 10 Feet

If you wonder where the ten feet rule came from, its history is a bit vague. If you look back to the first-ever basketball game by the sport’s inventor, James Naismith, it’s clear that there wasn’t always very much regulation in the sport.

Naismith simply nailed a peach basket to a track and tried to sink as many balls as possible! There are no recorded facts about the height he used but it is rumored to be exactly ten feet.

As the sport grew in popularity and a governing body was established to standardize the game, the ten feet rule became generally accepted for NBA, NCAA, and high school varsity games alike. 

Now, if you want to play the sport competitively or the court will be used for formal matches, it’s important to install the basketball goal according to International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rules.

No, You Can Set the Rim Lower 

If all you want is a friendly game or are installing a hoop for younger players, there’s nothing wrong with putting it at a different height than regulation dictates. This is particularly popular among families installing basketball goals above their garages or those looking for something portable to adjust as the kids grow. 

If you play the sports in school for a junior level play, they usually place the ring eight or nine feet above the ground. The final height to be followed will depend on the set rules of the competition. 

If you want a goal that you can someday place according to the standard height, you may want to buy an adjustable portable goal or an adjustable in-ground goal. These can be modified according to the players’ heights and capabilities, making it a wise investment if you need the flexibility.


The answer to whether or not you should follow the standard height for basketball goals ultimately depends on your objective for playing the game and the kinds of players who would play the hoops. If you treat the game as a casual sports game for neophytes, adjusting the height of the ring would be a good idea. If there is professional competition involved, sticking to the requirement is the best choice!

If you have other questions on finding the right basketball hoop for you, make sure to contact us at Quality Hoops. We have devoted years to working with and learning about sports equipment so that we can recommend and provide you only with the best basketball goals.

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